Melissa Stockman, RN, NP

After 3 decades as a Registered Nurse & Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Melissa Stockman suffered near fatal dis-orders and struggled with side effects from multiple medications that didn't seem to help.  Even the specialists gave up on her. Then, Melissa discovered a better way-natural yet simple proven solutions that actually activate the body to attack the root cause of illnesses and can reverse dis-orders. This breakthrough helped Melissa greatly reduce her symptoms and reliance on many medications. Today, Melissa is an international speaker, Holistic Healer, and her business is: BioHackNP. 


Melissa's mission is to give hope to the hopeless and those stuck in the 'doctors' repeat system'.  Her clients heal faster, feel better, and more energized while boosting their immune systems naturally without medication.  Many of Melissa's clients have been able to come off all medications while feeling better than they have in decades.       


"I'd rather prevent your dis-order today,

then treat it tomorrow!" --BioHackNP    


  • Treats all ages from premature infants to geriatrics 100+ years of age  

  • Educates to empower clients with effective, natural remedies, often resulting in a reduction or even elimination of medication usage

  • Emphasizes prevention, early detection & even dis-ease reversal

  • Uses natural, plant-based alternative treatments when possible, integrated with traditional Western medicine as needed

  • Often uses activation, NOT supplementation    

  • Attacks the root cause of your problems, aiming to rid your symptoms & reverse dis-orders

  • Often reduces or alleviates symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, nerve and joint pain, sleep disturbance, sadness, worrying, stomach upset, and feelings of "always sick"...

  • Helps increase energy, mental clarity/focus, improve joint and nerve pain, and improves quality of sleep

  • Aids in boosting immune systems

  • Improves health indicator numbers such as for weight, blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, and inflammatory markers

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