From a war veteran:  "I'm 70 years old, had agent orange exposure & was diagnosed COPD even though i never smoked.  My lungs collapsed many times & I had alot of operations on my lungs.  I was on a lot of medicines & inhalers & still couldn't breathe.  That caused a lot of anxiety, problems sleeping, a lack of energy & sadness.  Since Melissa has treated me & I take the activators, I'm now off ALL medicines & no longer using my inhalers.  In fact, I havent breathed this good in DECADES!  Since I could now breath, i no longer worry, sleep better & have more energy.  Now i'm gardening every day & smiling a lot more. I truly believe I'm now going to be around longer for my wife.  I can't even begin to thank you enough for changing my LIFE!"

"This is good!!  I was dragging, it gave me a boost."

"You're my angel" After Melissa discovered her cancer that the primary care physician & even the oncologist missed

"If it wasn't for you, my husband wouldn't have a wife & my daughter wouldn't have a mother" after Melissa discovered a brain tumor that her primary care physician & specialists missed

A Nurse that's my patient too "Very knowledgeable, always dependable, a multi-tasker...very thorough exam.  I would highly recommend her" 

"My gratitude is only exceeded by my pleasure in knowing you.  I have NeVER met ANYONE as compassionate as you."--C.I.

"I have been a patient of Melissa's for the past 6 years.  SHe is extremely professional & has an excellent bedside manner.  Her sensitivity & compassion for her patients is outstanding.  She answers all questions asked, & never makes a patient feel rushed.  Melissa is an extraordinary diagnostician.  On a personal note, she diagnosed an illnessI had that other specialists could not.  I cannot stress enough just how much Melissa stands out in her field.  She is truly a gifted doctor.  It is with great ease & pleasure that i can recommend Melissa Stockman highly."--JS

"very caring & hard working"--WS

"Whenever i am treated by Melissa, I always get the highest quality care"--PC

Client of 4 years-"  recommended several family members to be seen by Melissa...Melissa is very caring & understanding...She always listens...She is not known as a nurse practitioner to us, we consider her our doctor"--MM & DM (wife & husband)

"Melissa...utmost integrity, who is dedicated...dedicated her heart & soul to the care of others, going above & beyond...high ethical & moral standards...most responsible.."--SK  patient & Office Manager of a private medical practice

" Melissa is so helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate in every area of her profession. Not only is she passionate about helping others but she is amazing at it. Im proud to call her my physician"

"you are a gem"---Chiarra Loeffler

"I had worked with Melissa for the past 3 yrs. Melissa is always looking for the best for her patients and caring for them. She has always beeen there for me she is also a hard working person and also has helped me out in so many health problems. She is awesome always searching for important information for her patients. I couldn’t had meet a better person. Because she is the best person I had ever met. Love her. And i greatly recommend her."--Margarita aka Maggie Cervantis

"Knowledge is power and Melissa can help, Customer service is a top priority. :"--Mary Ramos-Brauner

"Melissa is by far the best person I know to help guide me in my new journey. Happy to have met her" --PJ Jaymes

"The weight loss products worked miracles for me. All natural and no chemicals. Lost 25 lbs. Thank you Melissa."--Dr al Berger

"I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of care I’ve received from Melissa. She picked up on a problem that my Doctor dismissed a year ago. She has listened and worked with me to get me in the right path to recovery."--Laurie Lane

" Melissa is a true professional. Knowledgeable, friendly, and an all around great person. I highly recommend her and her services." Jarrod Gordon 

'I'm so happy that my son was able to come off 2 of his meds so far & I'm hopeful he will get off more & probably all of them. AND he's anxiety is soo much better even off those meds'--a mother of a special needs child with learning disabilities, diagnosed with ADD & anxiety

“I'm a testimonial. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager